The Moving Chart

Philosophy, poetry, psychology

If we could print our imaginations on the stars, document our inmost lives on the disappearing ink of space, type a record of our fate, a phantom script of wistful longing, a thin, beige, dreamlike Paris or Platonic Atlantis that neither time, futility, nor transience could erase, make a film of all we’ve done from birth to death, to save and see, all the elate & sad greatness we lived before we died, the colossal efforts & puny magistrations, lost dawns, dusks, dreams, realized goals, moments of humiliation and grace — to distill the love, wisdom, the febrile kiss of our lives, then let the waves do their work, plant our footprints on moving sand to extract this wave-scroll of phenomena — thrust from an ocean of nothingness preserving our All — — would retrieving this chart, script or film – our past, our fate – change or merely confirm what we choose now?



2 thoughts on “The Moving Chart

  1. I think the answer is yes, or at least in some cases. We would remember things that we had forgotten. We would see them a different light and with different interpretation because we are different now. It would be like having the most up-to-date information on a situation. perhaps we make a different choice, perhaps we don’t.
    Another good post. Always gets me thinking.

    1. Thank you!! I’m in Berlin, and soon more country and “scene” changes, so my response might be spotty for a time, but thanks for even reading it. The deep counsel one would receive from your choice would renovate experience to issue real wisdom, but could “it” already be here?

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