The Mind As Phantom Architecture

Philosophy, poetry, psychology

Could somehow our minds, when idling from our intent replace it’s open space – freedom — with a “phantom architecture” that’s not a philosophy but where there might be one? More modestly, an inverted dome or cone “propped” by an unconscious logic of oppositions (like a crystal?), which are actually illogical before psychological evidence and the everyday? The mind is invisible and so is math and its space imaginary but the mind’s visionary invisibility matches the mathematical just as it births its recognition. The mathematical is “there” to replace, to open up the imaginary space called mind, when we are not doing it ourselves. Could it further be that the psychological “tweezers” (?) or deft observation needed to extract but one thorn from such a mind (a haystack at midnight?) might evoke its natural radiance like a solar system’s star restored to light?


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