Inaction and Action


Wisdom counsels us to bend with the wind. We are finite and must let go even of life. Yet if expectations must yield when may our resolve rise? It still requires one stiffen facial muscles to smile. Circling the sun on earth, in our brief series of days we face wind, darkness and cold: crimes of neglect & madness, the herd’s reproach & convention’s revenge, long, difficult projects, poverty, aging, the ice of rejection — we need to bend yet stay resolute — to let go and resist.

In our invisible absence, from nothingness, our consciousness becomes All to appear as never before in freedom. Can we accept loss and remain revolutionary in our resolve to remake the world?

Perhaps like a painter with a full palette before a blank canvas of events we can leave the world untouched or incarnate as color and shade in action, as we choose. Or as an astronomer studies light in space to the far reaches of the universe our perception can shift from spectral blue to red as we approach or withdraw at will.

Perhaps wisdom is a synthesis of intuition and knowledge, innocence and experience, inaction and action? We can let the energy animating the universe (Tao) flow through us in effortless efficacy without severing our identity with nature. We can stand out and up, resolutely, for the creation of new truth. We can pursue peace within and try … to change the world.


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