Fire (from the “Advent of Awareness”)


How long have we regarded flame? And fire? We marveled into flames as children, saw minute blues and trembling greens giving birth to yellows and reds, traced the wavering climb and shiver of heat rise to whips & feathers, wisps & arrow-points that striated off into air. And of the “discovery of fire” it was ever in every creature’s perception, fear, dreams and wonder. We began to start it ourselves, to carry & conjure it, to protect, cook, clean, to light primordial darknesses as the faces of our friends, lovers, as our children in a brief circle of life could still see stars above the smoke. It is also the story of radiance within our dreams, the light inside our souls, the warmth felt in love and colère to counter betrayal, the rays at dawn’s edge, the great fire of our sun, and true illumining of a sudden kindness, to forgive the world and fate the enigma that our light will end.

We carry that fire in our mind’s eye, the magic of a changing, insubstantial power – like consciousness — as it played on caves walls when gazelles fled or stood ground staring in defiance at hunters, deep into our early eyes directly as pure image which we recorded as real. Like faces and animals we imagine in cloud cathedrals above green forests or blond sand against the blue of an ancient sky – the leap – from real to image and back – bridges (colors?) the seen and invisibilities of our imaginations — if we do not look away (bedazzle ourselves) into hallucination — the evidence that we can see and reflect remains — unchanged.

Fire lit the wall inside the cave (might this explain why Plato’s “Cave Allegory” is so archetypal?), reflecting our place among objects and each other as we spread across the earth to make a “world”. The immanently spiritual appeared with spirit worlds in images, which now reflected back to us luring us up with an incredibly long effort, from the blind materiality of instinct.


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