Ever notice how some of us are never surprised? They’ve decided to be surprised is a loss of face, of power. They’ve seen and anticipated everything – their motto: “I told you so”. Imagine the need to foresee all, wherein nothing is ever new? We learn from the new! We learn by being wrong, proven wrong. The gracious keep growing and thank those who aptly correct them. Surprise is delight, the spring of elation: life — the surprise party! Bad surprises: ruses, lies come to fruition, the discovery of tragedy shock heart and mind; the never-be-surprised spirit-killers await our discovery with their “told-you-so” even after they plot the betrayal. They blaspheme life. To siphon surprise, violate, ignore, to sully the event, the opening, the joy, the thrill, means to side against our past and possible present innocence and our goal, our future: to be a great human being.


One thought on “Surprise

  1. I am so with you here. To intentionally view everything as blase seems horrific. Why would you do this to yourself? Are you afraid? Have you been cowed into a jaded and cynical corner by the harsher aspects of life? To give up all of life’s joys for fear of being wrong or hurt?

    Is this the Zeitgeist of a Meh generation? Perhaps. But we can fight back.

    I wrote about this a while back. You might enjoy.

    Cheers and thanks.

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