Doubt, when it serves the virtue of honesty, casts not a shadow but a dry beam of light to deflate unfounded beliefs, assumptions, convictions and lies. It reflects the mirror of the mind perceiving without props, stilts, scaffolding, infinite regresses, even dreams. And, unless or until one retreats into self-consciousness to re-screen experience it serves when an open heart fails, when the mind must “take over” to reveal and renew, but after, if it has critiqued aright — in behalf of honesty — the gentler mentor we call soul must call us back to counsel, return us to a single flower, face, another’s soul, to night, snow, to a delight in immanence and the ultimate goal of wisdom.


2 thoughts on “Doubt

  1. I like this explication of your philosophy of doubt. I wonder, though, if in casting a “dry beam of light” as you suggest, doubt could, in addition to deflating unfounded beliefs, also reaffirm and reveal pathways to deeper understanding of beliefs and systems of belief, especially those that cannot be empirically proven. Essentially, what I’m questioning is what are the connections between doubt and faith (not necessarily faith in say, God or some transcendent being).

    For, yes, doubt does reveal those falsehoods of life: assumptions, convictions, lies, inauthentic behaviors. However, doubt, being often the “prime mover” if you will of a period of questioning, is also often the vehicle by which faith is attained and beliefs are validated and proven in a incorporeal (if not blatantly spiritual) way.


    1. John,

      I am ever reeling in the kite from the transcedental to the immanent, and you’ve noticed. I am maintaining, based on my manuscript entitled Noticing and Awe, that our consciousness or noticing of the world, ourselves etc. is already a miracle and the additions (beliefs, even faith as theologically conceived) can subtract from what the Buddhists called the “suchness” of experience, or from Husserl’s (or even William Carlo Williams’) “back to the things [and consciousnesses] themselves”. But you write beautifully, with real clarity and it is an honor indeed that you even cared to reply. Thank you so much,

      Yours quite truly,


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