Like the communities one passes over in a jet at night nestled between mountains in the West, the mind has its enclaves of light. And within each there’s a concern to preserve a memory, a value or belief, whether or not true, and if one dwells inside a concern it seems as essential as the world outside or above, as if it were a family in a home enjoying their contact with the world through media, with the option of shutting them down or off. But what lights up the full mind to notice the world but awe? And when the conscious mind, if not en-bubbled or domed by self-consciousness to maintain its “identity” but wonder? The clusters of care and smaller focuses are as fundamental if given a breath now and then of the All, and shrink, contract, if we do not. The universe, the stars await … The full draft of being — one’s full Mind (and there’s some evidence we often share “it”) — fully lit, illumined — is radiance. And if there is a “point” to human existence it may be the freedom to experience — without mediation.

(Video: Sarah Elizabeth Butsavage)


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