Watching ourselves grows with our history. We grow it further with technology. We wake then watch ourselves awake. Being aware we are aware has been greatly abused and a source of abuse — and illusion — from the advent of awareness. From Yahweh’s “Who told you are naked?” to Descartes’ cogito (It should read: “I am self-conscious therefore I exist.”) to the vanity of dandies and dictators (private & public) to schizophrenics and all varieties of dualistic experience as the separation of a second self watches or ignores our first to replace our “primary existent” – progressively issues our despair. Some self-consciousness is necessary. One sees those having lost contact with all self-image truly struggle but the image replacing the self is regarded as a success in an inauthentic world; and this illusion is both Narcissus’ self-regard and Echo’s (his unrequited lover’s) evaporation. One cannot even gracefully walk, speak nor truly love trapped in paraphrase. Only after burning away this wrapping like a subtle (& suffocating) plastic shroud do we hear & play music, walk, dance, speak, love, and breathe – directly.


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