Old Soul


      Being called an “old soul” is a compliment and an honor but what does it mean? That someone young proves rich in tolerance, slow to anger, balanced in judgment. But it gets better. The “old” is not a reference to age, nor reincarnation but the ancient gently passing through a young person’s perception as it echoes other consciousnesses to which the youth has listened and attuned, reflected in present observance. The ancient co-exists with us constantly and it’s not in objects, relics or even authors and art. There are those who hear and see wisdom and how it differs since it draws all other virtues and vices not as an addition of discrete insights or collected knowledge but how they coalesce into a vision through a transparency of self. One can see it, though, on faces — not smile wrinkles, beards or flowing white hair — but in the activity of perception itself and how it changes behavior with a prompt but studied consideration. It’s both quick yet long informed by awe, by gratitude that one can perceive, dilated, open. It’s a tolerance (the first democracy?) for non-harmful difference – even a delight in it – and ready to be surprised.


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