Innocence and the Unique


Innocence can change from the naïve to the knowing and grow with experience without rancor or satiety. If open to the unknown and unknowable — as the former child within us to a flower or to the air — the object observed or soul met does not reflect an estimation of a knowing-process or a forced wariness obliged by convention — but the appearance of the unique.

If experiences seem repeated — we repeat them — we render duplicate what is not. Since we create time by our recognition of it, just as it creates us, without inserting a temporal divide between creating and receiving we receive when we perceive & so create the unique as if it “just-appeared” (Is this innocence?). Convention separates creation from reception in a sequence, to compromise the unique and innocence — But!

Innocence is the child of wisdom.


Wisdom is the child of innocence.

 Both grow shade for the delicate and soar to the sky for the strong.

 The unique is not rare, perceiving it is


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