The Profound (or Sounding the Depths)


Some truths like petals soon to disappear represent centuries of awareness evanescently powerful upon the first & present mind. “Deep” is the courage not to speculate or complacently believe but to dive in and face the beginnings of a question or problem, better, a reality. Often “deep” is an earthy word for original or ontological. “Profound” is sounding the depths of concealed intuitions as they surface to & with reflection. But the same could be said of heights, “the lofty”: soaring, all spatial metaphors to amplify scope. One, it seems, needs a submarine and a jet to dive to the depths then to overview the expanse of their impact. But only when a fog of illusory separation (dualism) ends – as knowing outstrips its paraphrase – do we reach experience itself. Experience is already profound. It is naturally deep and lofty. For the envy of the profound, many revere conceptual fairy tales, crystal palaces and monumental lies. It is wonderful to dive deep and soar high simply with our minds: it’s power! But like Buddha’s boat, the means (or wing?): intellect, resolute inquiry, meditating from the full draft of being — needs be discarded upon crossing the river. The intuitional space first imagined then spanned simultaneously by a thought with true scope may indeed startle us upon an insight’s dawn. As the effort ends, when calm spreads, perhaps after receiving (reading) guests from Antiquity, dissolving the fog of ideals, the blues & greens of oceanic dreams (echoing waves whose plaints are one in chant & luster?) innocence meets wisdom; and our mind and body becomes a temple to freely conceive with honesty the children of genius.

They will be born, as we are, to create.


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