The Community of Awareness (from Noticing and Awe)


Noticing is the great democratic experiment, to which governments or small egalitarian communities, even lovers aspire. Noticing, not ideology, religion nor the nation state, is our greatest community. Kant mentioned a sensus communis, or an invisible community of everyone who has taste if they judge something beautiful, if not reflecting a private self-interest, but why limit this community to taste and the beautiful, or to aesthetic experience? Awareness is our first community. Everything that has, does or will ever happen presupposes someone is aware, someone notices. From the advent of awareness, from our long rise up and into consciousness, from researches in every art and science, from the most intimate, individual experiences, what is “happening” reveals what is noticed.


3 thoughts on “The Community of Awareness (from Noticing and Awe)

  1. Very nice. I think we often take awareness for granted.I like to think of awareness is a skill that we often forget to hone and practice. I guess I think that awareness needs to be active and not passive.

    1. Thanks for reading it! I’ve delivered a speech called “The Advent of Awareness” at an avant guard theater in NYC (“The Philosophy Salon”) and it’s on-line, which explores — how and why — we are aware at all. Anyway! I’m reading you too. I’m just started doing this and kind of a techno-oaf but will do my best to support your site as I figure this medium out. I wish you luck, comrade!! George

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