Certainty and Uncertainty


Certainty and Uncertainty

Like a diamond one acquires to dazzle for its rarity, hardness and clarity, certainty reflects more on the admirer than the admired. Certainty, outside mathematics, is pride added to knowing. One dips an absolute into the world of the contingent and doubtful to appear the ‘keeper of the flame’ one who ‘hangs tough’, holds steady: one who argues from authority. However, if one brushes for any evidence or ‘logic’, certainty evaporates faster than one can notice it.

We try to narrow our range of risk within a region of focus to erase any estimation or error — then end up narrow. We wring our hands as it wrings our hearts — yet all experience is inexact. Do we know when we say we love it’s the same or even resembles when last we said it? Are we certain when we claim a value true — roll over in bed, bat an eyelash? Uncertainty is the human condition. Without it, the flow of moments (intentional time-consciousness) no mirror can reflect but reflects All – would fix any future and freeze (“hypostatize”) all instance – all time. Since we exist “in the moment”, uncertainty — to refresh a phrase? — becomes “the moment of truth”. We are free.

Shall we dance?


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