Wise As A Woman


Wise As A Woman

Could becoming wise as a woman differ from that of a man? We are human first, a freedom, then a man or a woman. The historic betrayal of our origin became the most profound injustice of human existence. Yet, within the stream of the historic injustice, or while rebelling against it, could this injustice present women with both a detour and guide to wisdom? Recompensing the past now can never be complete. Ignoring it, neglect and surrender. But it is also with man’s “inherited” arrogance, even when defending women, and human rights. It is like meeting and falling in love then wishing to ride a time machine back to our belovéd’s past to defend them before meeting them: a lovely wish beyond our power(s). Yet might this impulse still send flares aloft to reveal a different path? If injustice is not forgotten, and arrogance is not an extension of a “right” in-retrospect, and if love may heal: the power of intuition may suffuse our present to overcome our dual history. Women must end all (sly) subterranean skills in power-pursuit developed in unconscious social darkness — and the men (!) – their pretended innocence as to their historical “inheritance”. Pre-history and history are still with us. To lift us out and up we need to anticipate our shared origin before gender, to unload the past to clear room for our poetry and love, to prepare our future for wisdom. Shall we without being glib, vouchsafe: “We meet again, in wisdom.”?


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