A Modest Reflection


I found myself (?) commenting on: “8 Reasons New York Women Can’t Get a Husband” today. (Why these incessant lists? Maybe the reply’s worthy … )

Perhaps the biggest problem is that men foolishly do not choose truly intelligent women first. My modest impression (I may be wrong) is that the most artistically and intellectually gifted women (& loveliest) seem to threaten ontologically insecure men. But! consider Nietzsche’s epigram (with open distain for his many misogynistic statements): “Marriage is a long conversation”. These men then slowly encounter the grind of inauthentic banality and meanwhile the most wonderful women actually escape a kind of domestic-bourgeois slavery, and though the women experience some loneliness (and poetic solitude!) they remain free to eventually find and are found by men who only dig creative individuality and the radiance of real freedom for women as love.


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