Transparency of Self

The self has been conceived and re-conceived conceptually, psychologically, dramatically – artistically — but it’s also conceived every moment we choose. It’s like a window that cannot be seen or a glass without sides through and by which we are seen and see. We invent transparence by appearing and we are each a pure appearance who disappears. For with consciousness’ transparence — absence and presence are identical — yet evident every moment we breathe. The reader may scoff at this seeming trickery of logic — yet suppose we exhale an ethos from this paradox? Perhaps it already reveals: “Where we stand”, our perspective, and directly answers: “Who am I?” and suggests: “What shall I do?” Perhaps to see through one’s self and let the world (and universe) appear uninflected, unmediated — yet be strong as a presence from and through this seeming absence, this “no-thing”, to be invisible yet absolutely present — is to be free? If we’re obliged to remake such invisible “stuff” from nothing – in this gentle charting of the self by any name or concept — rather than running interference with the world (screening, deflecting, even tinting – pastels rather than oil?), and rather than ignoring –why not practice transparence of self? Honesty is – transparent.



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